2011 was the Alliance For Holistic Living's 3rd year.Each month we offered a free program on holistic health. Here Norton discusses stress.Elizabeth and Beverly demonstrate kinesiology.Pat, Marian and Robin explain the Oneness Blessing.Marie uses a Tibetan bowl on T.J.The Alliance had a significant presence at the biennial Vernon Holistic Healthfest. Here they prepare for the event.There were 9 Alliance exhibitors and 10 presentations.Kurt at the Healthfest Alliance table.Denise massages Bob's shoulders.Visitors experience a gong bath.This was our second year supporting Rebuilding Manchester. We painted a garage and cleaned up the yard.Kurt and Don try to remove a stump. They finally had to accept the help of a backhoe.Work finished, time for lunch.In early May Janet and Kurt clean up the Talcott Ravine in Vernon.In May we had a ceremony at the labyrinth we helped Norton build in 2010.We walked the labyrinth to gongs and bowls.Visiting the Wings Butterfly Garden in Vernon.The outdoor fair season began with a booth at Herbfest in Somers.
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2011 was the Alliance For Holistic Living's 3rd year.