Past Alliance Workshops

The Alliance For Holistic Living has offered free monthly workshops since 2010 covering a wide range of holistic modalities and rarely repeating a workshop.

The purpose of this workshop list is to help you find practitioners or experts in a range of modalities and areas. Most, but not all, of the presenters were Alliance members. Those who are Alliance members are designated with a '#' and you can find more about them in the Alliance Member Directory.

A 'search' of the text should help you find a particular practitioner or modality. Website links will take you to presenter websites where you can learn more about their modality or service, where they practice and how to contact them. Most also are available for workshops should you have a group that would like to learn more.


What Exactly Is Reiki? (Jan.) - MARNA GUIOT WALTER, RN, RMT #

Reiki is a subtle energy practice first developed in Japan. Unknown in Connecticut 25 years ago practitioners are now welcomed at most hospitals. But what exactly is Reiki and how does it reduce stress, promote relaxation and support healing? Marna Guiot Walter, RN, RMT is an Alliance member and a nurse at New Milford Hospital, where she made an evidence based presentation to the medical staff convincing them to include Reiki in their program. There will be some demonstrations. Indigo Star Reiki.

Viewing Chakras Through The Eyes Of The Soul (Feb.) - FREDERICKA CLOSE, RN, ACRN #

Indian yogis were the first people to identify the chakra system many thousands of years ago. Authors through the ages describe them as comprising individual vortices that receive and transmit energy. These energy centers can assist us in balancing our physical world with our spiritual world. As we grow in our ability to incorporate the wisdom and knowledge that each chakra contains, our consciousness expands and our alignment with the universal laws of creation strengthen. Each chakra holds wisdom that can assist us in navigating our lives through the challenges we all encounter. Sacred Contracts Consulting,

The Power Of Your Story (Mar.) - PATRICIA SHANNON, MS #

Is your 'story' a story of a Hero or a story of a Hero's wounds? As we walk through our challenges and life experiences we gather learnings and wisdom, some of these gifts we are aware of and others we are not. Come and experience your story through new eyes, the eyes of the Sage, and transform limiting perceptions into gifts of power, beauty and abundance. Andean Bliss, LLC,

Organic Gardening, Health and Wellness (Apr.) - BETTYLOU SANDY

Gardening is a wonderful exercise program that produces health and wellness. Through gardening we experience better peace of mind by working the soil, eating better food, hearing the birds and being in the sunshine and fresh air. In this talk, we will explore the varieties of ways to enjoy this activity which has been a way of life for most people until sixty years ago. Attention will be given to organic methods of gardening.

Top Ten Herbs for our Garden and Their Many Uses (May) - MICHELE MACLURE

Learn about the top ten herbs chosen for their many crossover uses such as culinary, medicinal and for tea. They are a variety of annuals, tender perennials and perennials that will enhance a new or an existing garden. CT Herb Assn.

Qigong: Wellness and Peace for Your Body, Mind & Spirit (June) - JOHN MAMMONE, MacOM, LAc

Qigong is a meditative exercise that has been practiced in China by millions of people for more than 5,000 years for strengthening the flow of the life force to improve health. Magnetic energy fields are formed and created. The Qi (life force) literally pulsates in your body and hands. These calm and relaxing exercises strengthen the body and mind while deepening your spiritual awareness. Naturopathic & Acupuncture Health Center, Wethersfield,

Everyone Outside! Enhance Your Spirit and Health! (July) - DORI GARCIA, MS #

Re-ignite your passion for the outdoors! Learn how being active in the outdoors helps enhance your personal energy, health, and spirit. Expand your interests for more fun and exercise. Learn about the many "non-profit" outdoor CT clubs for your enjoyment. Weather permitting; an outdoor experiential exercise is included.

Presentation Skills: Tapping Into Your Potential (Aug.) - NOREEN REILLY

Deliver your message with Power! Learn how to be more confident, prepared and relaxed. When you integrate and balance your heart and mind you will present information that appeals to a wide variety of people and is more interactive, fun, and engaging. Reilly Training Resources,

Replacing Your Medicine Cabinet with Essential Oils (Sept.) - PATTY WADE, LMT #

Essential oils were mankind's first medicine. They are typically a natural oil obtained by distillation and having the characteristic fragrance of the plant or other source from which extracted. Not only are essential oils highly therapeutic, they have antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antifungal and anti-parasitic properties. The healing and holistic medicinal properties of essential oils have been known to treat everything from minor colds to diabetes. Come learn how to use them to enhance your health and well-being. You will be able to experience each oil that we discuss. A Touch Of Health,

Memoirs For All Of Us (Oct.) - LEN KRIMERMAN, PhD

The poets tell us that the world is made of stories, not atoms. So if your story is missing, our world is diminished and we all suffer. Come alive to a new form of memoir, one that is 'for, by and of you'. There's a 'Memoir(ista) Revolution' afoot and it's waiting for all of our stories. Come take a step in that direction and brighten our world with yours.

Naturopathic Medicine's Perspective on Detoxification (Nov.) - TONYA PASTERNAK, ND

Detoxing is a great way of cleaning up the body from the many toxins we accumulate on a daily basis. Our approach is one that focuses on decreasing the chemical burden placed on our bodies, while at the same time supporting the organs of elimination to optimize internal cleansing. This is done through the use of nutrition, gentle exercise and supplementation with herbal medicine, vitamins, and minerals. Connecticut Natural Health Specialists, LLC,


Introduction to Sacred Contracts and Archetypes (Jan.) - FREDERICKA CLOSE, RN, ACRN #

How well do you know yourself? Perhaps not as well as you think. Plato and other masters stressed the importance of self knowledge. This workshop will answer questions such as "Why do I keep doing the same things?" How did I end up here yet again?" Learn how universal archetypes play a role in our lives. Sacred Contracts Consulting,

Reconnective Healing (Feb.) - JANET MILLER #

Learn about the 5th dimensional frequencies of Reconnective Healing. There is a universal intelligence which is accessible to us all – one that can facilitate extraordinary healings through bringing us into alignment, balance, and harmony. Experience "live" demonstrations of the technique. Transformational Healing,

Organic Backyard Gardening (Mar.)

This program will feature practical, sustainable and healthy backyard gardening ideas for those interested in growing their own vegetables and herbs. Learn easy to use, tried-and-true methods you can use at home.

Writing from the Soul (Apr.) - ROBERTA JONES

Roberta Jones, shamanic energy practitioner and psychotherapist, shares selected poems from her book which will reach into and touch the soul. She will also lead a centering journey to facilitate writing from that deep place of soul connection, the heart of creative flow.

Therapeutic Yoga (May) - DAWN GREENFIELD, RYT #

Dawn Greenfield, RYT healed herself with Therapeutic Yoga. Now she works side-by-side with her family teaching people how good they can feel. There is something amazing for each person willing to participate in the skillful conversation of Therapeutic Yoga. YogaBorn,

What is an Hour Exchange? (June)

Learn about this alternate economic tool. The Windham Area Hour Exchange will come to explain about their organization and how this exchange of hours is different from a barter. It may just allow you to access services that you might not otherwise be able to afford and connect with people in your community at the same time. The Alliance is exploring the possibility of setting up a Hub of the Exchange in Manchester. Please come join us in this effort. We need local membership to make this succeed.

Nutritional Health (July) - IWONA LEGER, RN

Learn about the power of nutrition and eliminating toxins from the body. Learn how food is medicine to prevent and often reverse medical issues. Get some tips on how to easily add highly nutritious foods to your daily diet and how to help your body detox. Love and Peas Health,

Kinesiology Revisited (Aug.) - ELIZABETH EISENHAUER & KURT RAVENWOOD #

This is an encore presentation on the basics: "What Can Kinesiology Do For You?" Learn how muscle testing can help you connect to the universal energy field as well as the wisdom of your body. Understand the Scale of Consciousness and simple techniques you can use to test yourself, family and friends.


Hear from this panel of meditators how they learned to meditate and find their own style. Experience a few different styles of meditation. If you think you can't meditate then perhaps you have not found the right style for you. Come explore with us. Whole Life Wellness & Shamanic Services,

Earth Medicine: The Healing Power of Crystals & Gemstones (Oct.) - LYNN HARTWELL

Crystals and gemstones have a powerful ability to help us balance, reconnect within and heal. They have been used in protection of body, house and property, reversing the effects of disease and discomfort, used in meditation. During the discussion there will be an interactive session where you can feel firsthand the healing power crystals and gemstones contain and how to work with them. L'Unique Realm,

The Power of Vibrational Sound Healing (Nov.) - MARIE MENUT, RN, OWEN JAMES & LISA BURCH, LCSW #

Discover where this power originated. Where did these Tibetan singing bowls really come from? How did we learn to use them? Are gongs really that old? What about drums and rattles? Tuning forks are among the newer instruments. And let's not forget everyone's natural instrument, the human voice. Come, listen to three sound healers as they tell you their experiences while demonstrating their use on volunteers. The Vibrational Healing Center, The Conduit, and Spirit Matters.


Art & Creativity for Personal Transformation (Jan.) - ROBERTA MOCKUS

Join artist Roberta Mockus as she shares how art is both a creative and transformational tool and how her visual meditations are inspired. You will have an opportunity to experience your own creativity and see how it can rejuvenate and inspire you.

The Tapestry of Archetypes Woven Through Time (Feb.) - ANTONI T.J. SADLAK, PhD

Hear how archetypes originated and continue to be meaningful in our lives now. You will be fascinated as "TJ" shares with us how the "divine child" archetype was birthed and has woven its thread through prehistoric art, folklore, psychology, mythology and into our modern lives.

Turtle Spirit Drum: A Native American Drum Circle (Mar.)

Experience this "mixed drum" circle of men and women who gather regularly in Manchester. The drum is the universal heartbeat of "Mother Earth" which is for all human beings. When we sing a song and play the drum, our minds, bodies and spirits respond giving way to calm and joy. The drum when combined with the voice creates a "hum" that rests between the voice and our ancestors. Learn about this ancient approach and this modern version of community building to get on the same wavelength and be as One.

Improvisational Movement To Increase Joy And Insight (Apr.) - KAREN NOEL

Join social worker, Karen Noel, as she shares her love of movement. Explore the many ways of listening to the voice of your soul, getting in touch with your body, acknowledging your feelings and beliefs, calling on and magnifying your strengths. You will have an opportunity to experience movement as a vehicle for greater understanding of self in a safe and playful setting.

Dowsing for Underground Water (May) - DENNIS and JOYCE CUSTER

The availability of clean drinking water shall become one of our top priorities in the new millennium. Learn how to search for clean, underground water both on site and remotely on a map. Bring a pendulum and a dowsing rod if you have one. A small number of both will be available.

Raw Food Workshop (June) - KEVIN REESE

Kevin Reese, owner of Eat the Sunlight, is a holistic health coach and detoxification specialist. After losing 80 pounds by breaking a food addiction, he believes that optimum health can be achieved using the 3 D's: diet, de-stressing and detoxification. Eat The Sunlight,

The Power of Grounding (July) - STEVE MUNN

Learn how to effortlessly absorb energy from the earth, reduce mental noise, cultivate superior calm and create ease in your life. ClearPoint Center,

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (Aug.) - ROBERTA ROSSI

How we think about things and what we say about them affects how our experiences turn out. Our patterns of thought influence and drive our communications and behaviors, both consciously and unconsciously, wanted and unwanted. Participants will learn to interrupt patterns for unwanted behaviors, how to establish new neural pathways for more desirable results, ways to quickly gain rapport in relationships, and strategies to find freedom from fears and limiting behaviors. This hands-on workshop will introduce some of the behavioral change techniques of NLP that use language and brain pathways to change or re-pattern limiting thoughts and beliefs.

Going Gluten and Dairy-Free (Almost Painlessly) (Sep.) - ERIKA DWORKIN #

Do you suffer digestive discomfort, fatigue/extreme sleepiness, brain fog, joint pain, severe muscle tension/spasms, allergy symptoms or headaches? Learn what it means to go gluten and dairy free, the important reasons to do so, and how to do it (almost) painlessly. You will receive lists of online resources where you can learn more, food brands that meet your needs, and restaurants that will cater to your special diet. Manchester Parkade Health Shoppe,

Collective Improvisation (Oct.) - LEN KRIMERMAN, PHD

"Democracy must be born anew every generation"...according to John Dewey, an American philosopher, psychologist and social reformer (1859-1952). In 2013, community, democracy and spirit are showing up in a variety of new concepts and initiatives including: Transition Towns, Time Banks, Learning Exchanges, Participatory Budget Processes, Crowd Sourcing, Intentional Communities, Eco-Villages, and the Occupy Movements. Learn about the many facets of these emerging programs.

Finding Your Sacred Rhythm (Nov.) - AARON WESTON

Aaron Weston, holistic health practitioner and teacher presents a program about connecting with the life source within through the movement of energy within your body. Drawing from his experience and practice of Tai Chi, Yoga and Reiki, Aaron connects us to the awareness of the flow of energy through our sacred body temple. Come and learn how to find your sacred rhythm.


A Paradigm Shift in the World of Work, Money, Ownership, Economics (Jan.) - LEN KRIMERMAN, PHD

The UN has declared 2012 the International Year of Cooperatives. Come hear some stories of and experiences with emerging models of the "New Economy", and how they might be part of the planetary "New Story" as well as our own transformations. Len is Professor Emeritus, University of Connecticut, Dept of Philosophy, co-founder of Grassroots Economic Organizing,

Hold Peace in Chaos: An Introduction to Meditation (Feb.) - MARIE PEREZ, MA, RMT

Join us for a free sampler of meditation styles. Experience a technique that works for you: breath; walking; mantras; visualization; awareness. Discover your personal pathway to a calm mind. Be in a place of stillness where clarity and wisdom reside. Marie Perez, Holistic Connections,


Hear about and have an opportunity to experience 2 ways to allow your body's innate wisdom to nurture you. First, learn about an ancient healing modality, Reflexology, that works with a system of zones and reflex areas on your feet to heal and bring you equilibrium. Second, learn about the power of amethyst crystals via the Biomat, an FDA approved therapeutic mat that helps you release toxins and balance your system.

Integrative Nutrition: Spring into a Healthier You (Apr.) - ADELE CARUSO

Learn about foods that are healing and give us more energy, ways to enjoy our lives more, how to listen to what our bodies are needing, ways to relax and de-stress the body, and how our thoughts create our reality. Adele Caruso,

Labyrinths (May) - LISA BURCH #

Learn about these fascinating creations that are found throughout the world in diverse religious and cultural sites dating back thousands of years. Learn how to use this powerful contemplative tool to connect to one's inner wisdom. We will make finger labyrinths to take home and there will be an opportunity to walk a labyrinth as well. Spirit Matters, LLC,

Go Organic for Your Lawn & Garden (June) - JOHN TYCZ

Organic land care respects the land and its inhabitants, working with the natural systems of nature to enhance and assist plants to grow to their full potential in the landscape, without the use of synthetic chemicals or pesticides. The good news is that society is moving toward the organic. Go Organic LLC,

Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine (Aug.) - JOHN MAMMONE, M.Ac.O.M.

Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) originated in ancient China and refers to a broad range of medicine practices which have evolved over thousands of years. The TCM approach is fundamentally different from that of Western medicine. TCM practitioners use Acupuncture, herbs, massage (Tui na), exercise (Qigong), moxibustion, cupping and dietary therapy. Come and learn about this holistic medicine whose main goal is to put your body, mind, emotions and spirit in balance. Naturopathic & Acupuncture Health Center, Wethersfield,

Wholesome Eating (Sep.) - DEBORAH RAVENWOOD #

Create a new relationship with your food…what you feed your body feeds your soul. If the words delicious, healthy, nutritious, nourishing and natural are how you describe the foods you want to eat, this workshop is for you. How we interact with our food from preparation to consumption makes a difference in our health. Learn to enjoy eating with recipes that are simple yet satisfying…it's easier than you may imagine. Ravenwood Holistic Wellness Center,

Architecture of Ceremony (Oct.) - DR. MARIAN VITALI, DC #

We probably all have been to ceremonies, such as weddings, graduations, and awards. Yet, how often are we the architects of meaningful personal or group ceremonies? When one brings together intention, feeling, and spirit to create a tangible ceremony, many energetic pathways open and align. This evening includes presentation, intuitive exploration, and the opportunity to participate in an animal honoring Whole Life Wellness & Shamanic Services,

The Power of Tapping into Your Inner Wisdom (Nov.) - PATRICIA SHANNON #

Explore, with a panel of spirit-minded folks, how accessing your inner wisdom brings more fulfillment, authenticity and flow to your life. Experience different techniques to do this with ease. Moderated by Patricia Shannon of Andean Bliss, LLC,

Near Death Experiences: What are they? (Dec.) - BOB LEO #

Bob shares the story of his near death experiences and answers questions from the group about this engrossing topic.


What Can Kinesiology Do For You? (Jan.) - ELIZABETH EISENHAUER & KURT RAVENWOOD #

Learn how muscle testing can help you connect to the universal energy field. Understand the Scale of Consciousness and simple techniques you can use to test yourself, family and friends.

Oneness Blessing (Feb.) - PATRICIA SHANNON & MARIAN VITALI, DC #

Come learn about the Oneness or Deesha Blessing that initiates a process of Awakening to Oneness. Receive this direct transfer of sacred intelligent energy that opens the heart, heals relationships, quiets the mind and opens doors to higher states of awareness.

Healthy & Vibrant: Our 70+ Speak on Holistic Living (Mar.) - ALLIANCE PANEL #

Learn from a panel of our wise elders regarding their perspectives on holistic living. A panel of contemporaries including Jon Roe, Norton Berkowitz, PhD, Elizabeth Eisenhauer and Marie Menut, RN.

Claiming Your Calmness (May) - NORTON BERKOWITZ, PHD #

Learn to release stress with a multimodal approach including self hypnosis and information on foods associated with stress. You will feel calmer and have several calming techniques to take home with you.

What Is Naturopathic Medicine? (June) - LAUREN GOUIN, ND

Learn the differences between naturopathic and conventional medicine. Learn about the training of licensed naturopathic physicians and the philosophy and principles of treatment. Connecticut Natural Health,

What are Cymatics? (July) - OWEN JAMES #

Learn about the study of Sound made visible. We will examine how the physical properties of sound affect the composition of matter in the world around us, and link sound to the fields of mathematics, biology, and health. The Conduit Center,

Nature Spirits, Devas & Elementals: Healing with Plant Spirits (Aug.) - DEBORAH RAVENWOOD #

Indigenous healers and shamans have known since antiquity that plants possess a spirit essence that can communicate through light, sound, and vibration. Now scientific studies are verifying this understanding. Deborah shares the story of her encounters with the healing power of plants and their caretakers…the Devas and Elementals. Ravenwood Holistic Wellness Center,

A Green Lawn (Sep.) - GREG HAZELTON

Learn about an organic approach to your lawn, garden, and pasturing. Greg reveals how sustainable living yard techniques can be more effective than traditional commercial lawn care methods while also improving our health. Earthwise Organic Landscaping.

The Medicine Wheel Way of Knowing (Oct.) - PATRICIA SHANNON #

Come and be introduced to the indigenous perspective of walking your life's path and see how this perspective can help you resolve issues, step through challenges and take ownership of your life. Andean Bliss, LLC, Andean Bliss, LLC,

Psychics, Mediums, Channels, Intuitives…What's the difference? (Nov.) - ALLIANCE PANEL #

If you've found yourself pondering this question…join Tina Angeli of the S.O.U.L. Center, Elizabeth Eisenhauer of Down Home Comforts and Deborah Ravenwood of the Ravenwood Holistic Wellness Center for a lively discussion of the various nuances that are the nature of the intuitive arts. The panel will share their different viewpoints and individual experiences of the art, including group readings.

Hold Peace in Chaos: An Introduction to Meditation (Dec.) - MARIE PEREZ, MA, RMT

Join us for a free sampler of meditation styles. Experience a technique that works for you: breath; walking; mantras; visualization; awareness. Discover your personal pathway to a calm mind. Be in a place of stillness where clarity and wisdom reside. Marie Perez Holistic Connections,


An Introduction To The Chakras (Jan.) - KURT RAVENWOOD #

Learn to understand the connection between the human energy field and your health as you explore the chakra system within each of us. Ravenwood Holistic Wellness Center,

The Everyday Shaman (Feb.) - PATRICIA SHANNON #

Explore seeing your world through the shaman's eyes and experience tools to bring peace and power into your life everyday. Andean Bliss, LLC,

An Introduction To EMDR (Mar.) - LISA BURCH, LCSW #

EMDR is Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing. Learn about this powerful psychotherapy tool for healing trauma and connecting to Spirit. Spirit Matters, LLC,

Past Life Regression Therapy (Apr.) - NORTON BERKOWITZ, PHD #

Learn how past lives have the power to heal and eliminate many illnesses through this regression process.

Recognizing Your Intuition (May) - REBECCA LOCICERO

Observe a psychic medium in action and learn some tools to tune into your intuition. The Beyond Center,

Introduction To EFT (June) - CATHERINE EWING, LCSW, MDIV

Experience the power of Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) to release limiting beliefs, eliminate painful trauma memories, overcome phobias and manage physical pain. Reawaken Your Dreamer,

Everyday Astrology (July) - CHARLES EDGARTON #

Learn how to predict your own future by watching the monthly Moon cycles. Charles is an Intuitive Astrologer and member of the Astrological Society of Connecticut.

Introduction To Gongs (Aug.) - OWEN JAMES #

Gongs are vibrational healing and meditation tools. Experience the powerful gongs demonstrated and demystified. The Conduit Center,

What Exactly Is Reiki? (Sep.) - MARNA GUIOT WALTER, RN, RMT #

Learn how Reiki reduces stress, promotes relaxation and supports healing. Through a subtle energy practice, Reiki aids the body to achieve systemic balance. Indigo Star Reiki.

Introduction to Shamanic Journeying (Oct.) - MARIAN VITALI, DC #

Learn to connect to your power animal and spirit guides to access spiritual wisdom for your own personal growth and health. Whole Life Wellness & Shamanic Services,

Creating a Bridge Between People and Animals (Dec.) - DEBORAH RAVENWOOD #

The simple truth is...we are emotionally connected with our animals. You can learn the message behind their behavior and how you can interact with them to make your relationship with them more loving and fulfilling. Ravenwood Holistic Wellness Center,


Bach Flower Remedies (Nov.) - DEBORAH RAVENWOOD #

The Bach Flower Remedy System is an approach to healing that concentrates on balancing emotions, relieving stress and allowing the body to find the peaceful harmonious rhythm within. Deborah is a Registered Bach Practitioner and Trainer. Ravenwood Holistic Wellness Center,

Vibrational Healing Using Tibetan Singing Bowls (Dec.) - MARIE MENUT, RN #

Experience the Himalayan Sacred Sound Instruments as their vibrational sound waves clear and balance the chakras and energy system, releasing stress and tension. Vibrational Healing Center,

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