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Contact Information

Name: Alliance For Holistic Living

Email: info@afhlnow.org
Website: www.afhlnow.org
Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/pages/Alliance-for-Holistic-Living

Year Founded: 2009

Newsletter: Yes, email your request.

Member Meetings: Second Fridays from 9-11 a.m. at Ravenwood Holistic Wellness Center

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The Alliance For Holistic Living is a group of centers, practitioners and interested community members, focused East of the Connecticut River with the mission of promoting holistic living in our communities through collaborative ventures.

Wisdom Circle: The Alliance is guided by a Wisdom Circle, which is an ancient form of leadership, where all present are equal and all ideas respected. The Wisdom Circle acknowledges both the individual's and the group's cumulative knowledge, accessing this wealth of experience to create and focus the intention of The Alliance in service to the community. It currently consists of eight of the founding General Members who have been consistently active in the development of the Alliance.

History: The idea of finding ways of working together as a community grew out of conversations at the monthly Holistic Breakfasts in Vernon. The November and December 2008 breakfasts became facilitated meetings to explore the concept. By January a Vision and Mission statement had been created and by Spring we began holding events while exploring a variety of activities throughout 2009.

Now the Wisdom Circle meets only as needed and our Friday morning monthly meetings are for the full membership. We are involved in a variety of activities and the meetings include their planning. Committees are created and dissolved for specific events as needed.

Holistic Community: Working closely together since 2009 Alliance Members have become a community of friends enjoying each others company and supporting each other on life's journey. During summers we've held our monthly meetings at cottages at Misquamicut, East Lyme and New Hampshire combining planning with outdoor fun. Community service projects as well as quarterly potlucks are other opportunities to get to know each other well and enjoy the camaraderie. The Alliance invites all to join whether practitioner or supporter.


Wellness Workshops: Free monthly workshops are offered by Alliance members on the third Thursday of each month on a variety of topics at different East of the River locations. The purpose of this series is to introduce people to integrative healing modalities and to help people in their healing process. They have proven to be extremely popular with an average attendance of over 20 people, many new to holistic ideas.

Workshop descriptions are listed in the Conscious CT Calendar for the third Thursday of each month or Click Here for a listing of all upcoming Alliance events.

Community Service: The Alliance supports a variety of community projects as a way of both giving back to the communities we live in as well as a way of being recognized by our neighbors as a community of holistic practitioners.

Projects have included river and trails cleanup in Manchester and Vernon, Rebuilding Manchester and building a public labyrinth in Tolland.

Wellness Clinic: A free Community Wellness Clinic was offered at Spirit Matters in Ellington during the Spring of 2009. Practitioners associated with the Alliance offered Reiki, vibrational healing, energy field clearing, relaxation training, EFT, Reconnective healing and channeling sessions while workshops were presented on Tibetan Bowls, shamanism, grounding and the energy body. Another clinic is being considered for the near future.

Farmers' Market Wellness Fairs: The Alliance has produced a Wellness Fair at the Coventry Farmers' Market each year since 2010. They include up to 25 tents and opportunities to sample massage, energy work and vibrational healing. In 2012 we also produced a similar fair at the Ellington Farmers' Market. See slideshow.

Fairs & Expos: The Alliance frequently takes a booth to invite the public to our events as well as to make ourselves more visible. They are not for the promotion of our individual businesses although there is often the opportunity for members to have their own space. We have done the MCC Holistic Health Fair, Herbfest, Goodwin College fairs and the Greater Vernon Holistic Healthfest.

Speakers' Bureau: The Alliance offers a series of presentations on Stress Management & Personal Well-being as part of our mission to introduce individuals and organizations to the values of holistic living. It can take a variety formats including Lunch & Learn presentations or In-Service presentations for hospice, hospital staff or volunteer groups. We are also available to speak at Rotary Clubs and PTO's.

If you know of or are part of an organization such as veterans, unwed mothers, health support groups or VNA'a presentations can be tailored to your specific needs or interests.

For a better idea of who we are and what we do watch the following slideshows:

» Go to 2010 highlights.
» Go to 2011 highlights.


Membership is open to practitioners and others who share our goals and ideals, and are willing to contribute their time and talents to building community through service and education. There is no cost to become a member, but you should be ready to participate. New members attend an orientation session provided by the Membership Committee where they learn about the Alliance and we can learn about their skills and interests.

There are two levels of membership determined by the commitment you can give to the Alliance. Members are those who can attend and participate in at least three Alliance sponsored events each six-month period. Supporting Members are those who can only participate in events from time-to-time.

If interested contact Deborah Ravenwood, Membership Committee, whose contact information is provided above.

Biannual Potlucks: Every six months, around the time of the solstice, we hold an Open House Potluck for members, guests and anyone curious about us. This is a chance to just socialize and for non-members to learn more about us. And there is always plenty of good food. Potlucks are held at Ravenwood in Manchester.

Directory of Members: Our print brochure and directory was updated in 2015. An online version of the directory is on the Alliance website.

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